"Every person is capable of being in Partnership and taking their relationship to the highest level!"

– Chris Enni – co-founder Partnership and Love

Next Course Date: September 7

10am-7pm - San Diego, CA

Pathway to Partnership is a 2-day intensive course introduction to Partnership.  All are welcome and all will benefit.  Seating is limited, so register quickly before this course sells out!  Specific location will be given once registration is complete.

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Using simple exercises, learn to connect with the person you want to spend your life with before you even meet them.


Raise your understanding of communication, agreements, the power of honesty, and much more – all necessary to create equality and balance in your relationship


We take you through the stages of connection and quickest way to move from Attraction to Partnership


Partnership uses agreements to deal with problems, eliminating conflict.  Learn the easy and practical agreement methods that work to bring solutions to your relationships

Helping You Create Success in Relationships

In Pathway to Partnership, we identify the major reasons relationships fall apart

When you know the underlying pitfalls that can break up a relationship, then it is easier to avoid them – and better yet, be able to counter them with the Partnership techniques you will learn in this course.  Partnership is a uniquely different way to approach relationships that will always bring two people closer together.

"A couple in Partnership is always a couple in love." - Chris Enni


What do I want?

Partnership always begins by stating what you want.  So the first step is knowing what you want.  As the Joe Jackson song goes, “You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.”  We take you through an effective exercise in order for you to identify what you want from a relationship.

DESIGN MY RELATIONSHIP? What does this mean?

Once you know what you want, you can begin to build a relationship that supports your vision.  In other words, you and your partner are the architects of your relationship, rather than allowing the relationship to be in charge of you.

But what if I'm not in a relationship right now?

You can still put all of the Partnership techniques into practice to improve any and all areas of your life.  Because most likely, every aspect of your life involves people.  Besides, when that special someone does come along, you will be ready to make it lasting and fulfilling.

How do I know this will work for me?

2 reasons.  First, you already have everything you need to learn, practice and implement Partnership into your life.  Second, everyday, we here at Partnership and Love practice everything we preach with great results.  If it can work for us to create our amazing, loving, romantic, adventurous and sexy relationships without conflict, then it can work for you too!

How Do I know If PARTNERSHIP is Right For Me?

To put it simply, Partnership is right for everyone.  We believe that every person deserves to be in a loving, supportive relationship.  But sometimes this takes some extra knowledge and practice.  Partnership is a specific way to interact with your romantic partner that will bring out your love for each other and instill peace in your relationship.  If this is what you want, then you’ve come to the right place!

Get Relationship 'Fit'

If you want to work on your body, get healthy, in shape, stronger, more fit – you go to the gym, get a trainer, buy workout DVD’s, change your diet, etc.  But where do you go to strengthen your relationships?   Now there’s a place – Partnership & Love and Pathway to Partnership!  We even have coaches to help you get to where you want to go.

Greatly Improve Your Quality of Life

Harvard has conducted one of the longest studies on the factors that support quality of life, following groups of people for over 75 years.  This study shows that the number one indicator of living a happy, fulfilling life is having high-quality relationships.  Don’t wait for a great relationship to come along by chance.  Make them great through Partnership!

Build a Solid Foundation

Whether for your current or next relationship, build a solid foundation of honest communication, balance, understanding, love, and respect.  Then upon this foundation, with your partner, you can build the life of your dreams.

Fill Your Tool Belt With The Proper Tools

Building anything requires the right tools for the right job.  The same goes for relationships.  In Pathway to Partnership, you will be given an array of tools that will greatly increase your effectiveness to be in Partnership with your next or current romantic partner.

The Number One Important Decision Ever Make

The most important decision you will ever make is choosing the person with whom you will spend your life.  Don’t you want to make everyday with that person full of romance, adventure, love, friendship, joy, abundance and sex?  With Partnership, you can.

Pathway to Partnership I

Individual Attendee

September 7

2-days 10am – 7pm          San Diego CA

Pathway to Partnership I For Singles

2 attendees

September 7

2-days 10am – 7pm          San Diego CA

2 attendees for $1070.  2 people can register together to get a special discounted price.  You do not need to be a couple or in a relationship.  Click to register and follow instructions from there.

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2-day Course

  • An introduction to the concepts and practice of Partnership
  • Understanding the distinct differences between normal relationships and Partnership
  • Creating a solid foundation for a long-lasting extraordinary relationship


3-day Course

  • Getting into a deeper practice, understanding and experience of Partnership
  • Breakthough blockages that prevent Partnership
  • Create the grand design of your relationship


3-day course

  • Implement Partnership in all areas of your life
  • Introduction to Leadership through Partnership
  • Dealing with difficult people