Partnership simply explained in 3 steps

It’s common to think of partnership as a mechanical, business-like arrangement.  But truly, a partnership is when two people work together to make their relationship special.  Hopefully this article will paint a clearer picture of this romantic enterprise.

Here’s the Merriam-Webster definition of a partner:

A person with whom one shares an intimate relationship: one member of a couple.


Here’s the New Oxford definition of a partner:

A person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others, expecially in a business, company or enterprise with shared risks and profits.

Here’s our definition: Taking relationship to a new level

Partnership, as the two definitions above suggest, can be used to create intimacy, love, romance, friendship, communication, etc.  Using the idea of partnership, two people can approach each other such that they design their relationship.  

Two people generally ‘fall’ into a relationship.  First, two people ‘like’ each other.  Then see each other more and more.  Soon, they are in a relationship – no planning, no forethought, just hope and a prayer.  In other words, it’s happening by chance, willy-nilly as each day goes by.

To create a relationship that is worthwhile and lasting, you must be many honest discussions about what each of you wants and can provide.  You actually put effort and thought into it.  Then you make agreements, and follow those agreements. 


Getting to an agreement can be a challenge at first.  But the more you make them and stick to them, the easier they get.  Start early, on the first date, if possible.  Many people find this difficult because they are more into getting the other person to like them, rather than setting the foundation for something more long term.  The good news is that you can have a planned short-term fling as well.  Just be honest about what you want.  And do not settle for less than that.  


You cannot survive into the long-term unless you know and accept who you are and what you want.  Rarely does anyone start out being flawless at relationships and an amazing partner.  This is because we humans have an inner animal, just wanting to survive.  Human Nature can often be at odds to a person’s happiness.  To beat Human Nature takes a lot of love.  So love every part of yourself until your are a healthy 10 in every area.  The stronger you are in your body, mind, heart and spirit, the less your inner animal can take over.  Thus the better you set yourself up for being part of a loving couple.  Just as well, if you are a ‘10’ in each of these areas, the more likely your partner will be a ‘10.’

Do not hide your negative parts.  They need love too.

Did you know that it is possible to feel more love than you feel right now?  There are deeper levels of connection that many people never find out about.  In fact, one of the reasons we ever get into a relationship is to become connected.  Being part of a long-term couple gives you a chance to uncover things you want to hide about yourself.  When you are honest about your life, your lover can love you more.  Then you get a chance to make those hidden parts good again.  Shame, guilt, dislikes, sadness, regrets, and such can be released when shared with your partner.  So begin the process.  Be courageous.  Share yourself.  And give your partner the space to do the same.

Do things that make you happy and reduce stress.

On the other hand, if you are having difficulty loving every part of yourself, inside and out, then we urge you to seek emotional healing.  Being emotionally healthy is often one of the biggest obstacles to overcome.  We offer a simple, yet effective method of emotional healing that moves you through blockages.  When a person removes an emotional blockage, their natural ability to love begins to restore itself.  You can also break down blockages and increase love with the ‘love’ exercises in the book, 90 Days of Love by Chris Enni.

2. Use Common Sense

There are things that work, and things that don’t work, and we all have a sense of them based upon our past experiences.  Simply put, the more you are giving, unconditionally loving, helping others, connected, doing your best, and generally being a high-quality human being, the more you will be ready for Partnership.  Honest communication, respect, commitment, integrity, and responsibility are just a few of the qualities that support being loving and connected.  If you embody these qualities, success will not only follow you in your romantic life, but in all areas of your life.

Our mission is to be the best relationship resource by putting all of the most effective and successful principles into one system.  In the end, this is what creates a long-lasting, deeper connection of love.  We call ourselves Partnership and Love because we know, quoting myself, “A couple in Partnership is a couple in love.”  One will follow the other. 

 A couple that has more disagreements than agreements will soon not be a couple.
The opposite of breaking-up is connection.

3. Create goals. 

Agree to your roles and responsibilites for each goal.

When two people have a set of goals which they accomplish, then they are growing together instead of in different directions.  We’re not only talking about the normal goals a couple has such as a family, house, retirement, and vacations.  We are also talking about goals that stem from one’s highest, most passionate dreams, as well as emotional goals like love, joy and enthusiasm.  Yes, emotions can be goals!  If your mutual goal is to love each other everyday, you will find ways to make it happen.

Hold each other capable and accountable.

Self-love and common sense are important in creating goals and keeping agreements because you have to know what you want, know you can accomplish it, ask for what you need, and be committed to the agreements.  Just the same, you have to listen to your partner’s wants, respect and respond to them.  Most importantly, know what you can give without sacrificing yourself.  In short, you take care of each other, support each other, and contribute to your shared goals. 

We feel good when we give and get support.  Therefore, our nervous systems are designed to reward us with good feelings when we support each other.  

There is always a solution.

If you can’t make agreements, or can’t give support, then keep looking for a solution.  Go into life knowing there are always solutions.  Then there is no need to stress out, fight, argue and create drama.

You can have the relationship of your dreams.

If you have a vision of yourself as being better than you are now, see yourself being in an extraordinary relationship, and are a seeker of higher truths and deeper loves, then we invite you to join us on this journey.  Take the first step – or the second – or the third – wherever you are.  And don’t keep it a secret.  Let your light shine.

Thank you for reading,

Chris Enni

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