Yesterday I wrote that Partnership is a synergistic relationship that begins with intention(SeeA Couple In Partnership Is A Couple In Love).  But what exactly is intention?  And why is it the powerful, beginning step for success in any endeavor, including relationships?  Digging deep, I uncovered four important elements of intention to get you started on your successful journey.

  1. Conscious Thought
  2. Persistent Thinking of the Conscious Thought
  3. Envisioning Your Intention
  4. Feeling Your Intention

Conscious Thought

The first thing is to purposely think of your intention.  This may seem obvious, but it is the beginning, middle, and ending of any successful journey, including moving from relationship to Partnership.  ‘Conscious’ means that you are choosing what you want based upon your vision of a great relationship – not based upon past experiences, logic, ideals or what is available.

Answer this question: what kind of relationship do I want?  Now, pretend that I have a magic wand.  Whatever you tell me, I will wave the wand and you will instantaneously get it and have it for the rest of your life.  Do you still want it?  This is a great exercise to make sure you really, really know what you want, because you will get it.

My Story:  My intention is to be in a relationship where we both have an unlimited capacity to love.

I had a history of attracting women who had a limited capacity to love. Then I finally realized that my beliefs about love were greatly askew.  For the first five years of my life, my parents argued, screamed and fought every night that I can remember, then got divorced.  No wonder why I didn’t understand women or relationships!  This is what my subconscious thought was love.  So I repeated over and over again in my head the simple phrase, “Women love me.”

Why ‘Intention – Conscious Thought’ might not be working for you.

1.You say you want something when you really don’t.  

When this happens, you put your brain in an endless cycle of internal battles and thus you cannot create or attract the right relationship, or whatever you intend. Like me, there may be a negative thought stuck in your subconscious that you are unaware of, blocking your intention. Do the above exercise with the magic wand to help flush out what you really want.

2.You are not completely clear on what you want.

You may want someone who is nice, communicative, compassionate, loving and sensitive.  Then – boom! – you meet someone who fits that exact description, except they don’t have a job, or work excessively, or live someplace you don’t want to live.  Be sure you clearly think of every detail of your intention. Take time to go over it again and again if necessary.

3.You don’t think you deserve the relationship you really want.  

Your brain cannot manifest something when it is fighting your internal negative self-talk.  The best thing you can always be doing is eliminate the weeds of your mind and plant your thoughts in fertile, positive self-talk where they can grow to full strength and maturity.

Next blog:  On my next blog, I’ll go into depth on the second element of intention – Persistent Thinking of the Conscious Thought – including how I used it to change my life and relationships, and why it might not be working for you.

Thank you for reading!

Chris Enni – Partnership and Love