Next time you do something you really don’t want to be doing, don’t ask yourself,”What was I thinking?”  Instead, ask yourself, “What was I not thinking?”  The answer will always be that you were not thinking of exactly what you want to be doing.

In my last blog, (See The 4 Elements of Intention), I listed four essential elements that go into making a successful intention.

  1. Conscious Thought
  2. Persistent Thinking of the Conscious Thought
  3. Envisioning Your Intention
  4. Feeling Your intention

In this blog, I break down number two: Persistent thinking of that conscious thought.

2. Persistent thinking of that conscious thought.

The first step is to figure out what you want, or to put it more vigorously, “What do you intend?”  If you have this in mind (and make sure it’s exactly what you intend!), then you can move to this second step.

We cannot manifest an intention into reality by thinking about it once.  Or even a hundred times.  Intention requires persistent thinking over a sustained period of time.  The more you think about it throughout the day – the better.  The more days in a row you think about it – even better.  In fact, the more persistent you think about your dream, the faster it will come to you.  

Intention requires persistent thinking over a sustained period of time

We need to have persistent thinking because we need to train our brain to be attentive to the opportunities and pitfalls of making our dream a reality.  For instance, if my dream is to buy a $20,000 red car, the more I think about it, the more I’ll be looking for ways to make $20,000, find a good deal on a red car, and avoid distractions like Game of Thrones.

My story: Getting the relationship I intended

For my real-life intention to be in a relationship where we both have an unlimited capacity to love, I kept the thought, “Women love me,” in my head for several months.  In essence, I trained my brain to recognize a woman’s love where previously I wouldn’t have seen it or felt it.  Within a year of persistently thinking this single thought, I met Sarah, who truly loves me and I love her!

Why this might not be working for you.

1.You often change your mind.

Your brain is an extremely powerful success granting machine!  If you keep changing the directions that you give it, it will just be confused and tired that it has to start all over again.  If you want something big, meaningful, important and life-changing, you have to give yourself and your brain time to make it happen.  This only happens through persistence.  If you want to drive from SF to NY, but stop in Omaha and drive to Miami, then stop in New Orleans and drive to Phoenix, etc., then you’ll never get to your original destination.

2.Your thoughts go in many directions throughout the day, or over weeks.

If your brain can’t get a grip on any one idea or thought, then it will take a long time to get anywhere, or worse, quickly get nowhere at all.  If you want to drive from SF to NY, and take a hundred month-long side trips on the way, it’s going to take you a thousand times longer to make that normally 3-day trip.  Stay focused!  Pick one thing and stick to it!  This is why it is so important to create an intention on something you truly, truly want!

3.You forget.

Barring a terrible tragedy happening in your life, we can often forget great ideas, dreams, and inspirations.  If you keep forgetting your intentions, then I encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I avoiding?”  In my coaching practice, I often hear about what people want, but also hear how hard it is to get it.  In other words, we want everything to come to us without having to work for it.  This is because one of our basic instincts is to be efficient in our survival.  This means that our primitive self wants the easy life.  These four elements of intention are just the beginning.  Just thinking about something will not bring it to you.  There are more steps afterwards that involve effort, taking actions, and work.  But from my experience, this work is always worth it!

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Next blog: Envisioning your intention.

Thank you for reading.

Chris Enni – Partnership and Love.