You have been very successful in your relationships!  You just didn’t know it.  This is because your definition of a successful relationship and Human Nature’s definition of a successful relationship are often very different.  

There is no denying that human beings, homo sapiens to biologists, are primarily animals; along with many other species, at the end of an evolutionary branch.  For over a century, a great amount of evidence, including modern genetics, support Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.  Since we are an animal, we are subject to the Laws of Nature.  

We Are Subject to the Laws of Nature

What are the Laws of Nature?  They are the principles and rules which govern life forms to fulfill the Four Functions of Life.  These functions are why we get into relationships.

The Four Functions of Life

1. Reproduction

Yes, we’re talking about sex.  This is a primary function and explains why sexual drive is often stronger than our forebrain.

2. Respond to the Environment

This function of life encompasses a great deal of our needs and behaviors.  We are able to stay alive and survive because we are able to adapt to changes in the environment.  Some of our learned adaptations stay with us for the rest of our lives, for good or for worse. 

3. Take in energy and nutrients

Think about how much time, energy and money we spend on food.  It’s a function of life that we cannot do without for very long.

4. Grow

This function is about metabolization and maintenance of our physical bodies.  For human beings, it not only means physical maturity, but mental and emotional maturity as well.  For many people, even spiritual maturity is a function of life.

So Why Have My Partnership Failures Been Successful?

We get into relationships to fulfill at least one of these functions.  More accurately your Human Nature gets into relationships to fulfill these functions.  So celebrate because you have been successful with at least three of these four functions or you wouldn’t be reading this!   

Nature Doesn’t Care If You’re Happy

But then herein lies the problem with relationships – Nature doesn’t care if you’re happy.  Nor does it care if you are satisfied, fulfilled, joyful, or peaceful.  All your Human Nature cares about is that you accomplish these four functions.

We Are Also Conscious Beings

Besides being slaves to our Human Nature, we also possess consciousness.  With consciousness, we can guide our Human Nature such that our relationships are happy.  Such a relationship is called Partnership.  Our good friend Angeline Hart calls Partnership a Conscious Relationship.