This is Part 4 of the 4 Elements of Intention.

  1. Conscious Thought
  2. Persistence
  3. Envisioning
  4. Feeling your intention

Have you ever felt like your emotions controlled you?  And then other times, your thoughts could change your emotions?  I’m positive the answer is yes because our brains are wired for both of these things to happen.  There were times when you were in love and you found yourself doing and saying things that you would normally never do around someone you hadn’t fallen for.  And then there were times when you felt sad, and then had a happy thought, and you felt better.  Basically, your thinking and behaviors can influence your emotions, and your emotions can influence your thinking and behaviors.  It’s a two-way street.

The Limbic System of your brain is your emotional center.  It is the central part of the brain and is also an evolutionarily older brain region that subconsciously directs much of your thoughts and behaviors.  Just like the visual cortex, it is wired to every other part of the brain (See Envisioning).  An emotion can thus signal to other parts of the brain to take action.  Emotions can and will spark your behaviors.

Your emotions are a powerhouse of energy.

But it can go the other way, too.  The decision-making part of your brain, the pre-frontal cortex, is fully connected to and communicates with the Limbic System.  Therefore, you can actually decide to feel a certain way.  This is great news because your emotions are a powerhouse of energy that, when used correctly, can greatly amplify your thoughts.

In other words, you are already wired up to think and feel your way into the relationship you want.  

My Story:

After my last relationship disaster, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to ever be in a relationship again.  Then I learned about Partnership and began to see that it was possible to create the relationship I wanted.  Before even going out and meeting women, I created an intention to find a woman who was willing to grow and build a life together, and that we could also be best friends.  With this in mind, literally, I practiced all four parts of intention: conscious thought, persistence, envisioning and feeling.  Not only did I imagine every detail of this kind of Partnership with a woman, but I felt it long before it happened.  And I can tell you it felt great!  I imagined having honest conversations with my future partner, and feeling very connected, respected, happy and loved.  Then when I actually met the woman who fit my vision, my body and brain were already trained to feel these positive emotions.  

“The future is created in the present.”

– Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Intention is the start of any successful journey.  To have the successful relationship you truly desire, start spending time every day thinking, imagining, and feeling only your relationship intention.  The whole idea with intention is for you to see, act, behave and feel as if it is already a reality in your life, today.  This is why Deepak Chopra states that “the future is created in the present.”

So, what does it feel like, emotionally, to have your intention?  If you don’t know, meditate on it and dig deep inside of you until you find the right feeling.  You will know it when you feel it.

Why this might not be working for you.

You never felt that way before because you never have been in a relationship like you imagine.

I promise that you have inside of you the capability of producing every emotion at high strengths, whether they are feelings of love, happiness, calmness, serenity, excitement, and many more.  Keep searching.  Don’t give up, even if it takes weeks and months.  The energy and effort is worth getting the relationship of your dreams.  I know.  I made it happen for me.  And I want everyone else to be able to be in Partnership as well, including you – not only in the short run, but for a lifetime.

Thank you for reading

Chris Enni – Partnership and Love