This is Part 3 of a 4-part series of blogs on intention.  

Part 1: The 4 Elements of Intention

Part 2: Persistence – The 2nd Element of Intention

3.  Envision Your Intention

Envision means to imagine something as a future possibility.  To envision something can be thought of as intentional imagination. When you first thought of the dream relationship you wanted, chances are that you thought of it in pictures and images first before you put it into words.  Envisioning takes those pictures and images to a deeper and more detailed level.

If you’ve seen The Secret, then you know the story of John Assaraf who created a vision board with a picture of a mansion on it.  Then he forgot about it.  Five years later, he had bought that mansion and was living in it before remembering that he had put that exact place on his vision board.

Love Sujeiry, a Latina relationship expert, in 2006 drew her own vision board, which included her career as a writer and her future family.  By 2014, it had become a reality.

Two years ago, I wrote a song that began with the lyrics:

 This is you and I, we drive for miles to
The open wild, redwood, Capitan
Til we stand, underneath the tallest trees
Playful as a child crawling on its knees
(I Love You More Than – Words and Music by Chris Enni)

Just over a year later, I had met Sarah.  When we first met, she told me that she wanted to go see Redwood trees in California.  So on one of our early dates, I took her to a Redwood grove where there was a Redwood tree with a hollow cavity underneath.  For fun, we crawled into the little hole under the tree. Thus we were crawling on our knees underneath the tallest trees. Then a week later, we took a trip to Yosemite where she saw El Capitan for the first time.  It was then that we both realized we had just lived and experienced the first four lines of this song.  Do do do do!

What do all of these stories have in common?  The power of envisioning!  This is why envisioning is one of the essential elements of intention.   

Why this works

A large part of our brains, up to 30% of the brain, or 50% of the cortex, is dedicated to vision (according to the two studies I found.)  The visual cortex is wired to every other part of the brain.  Therefore, envisioning your intention gets the entire brain involved, including the subconscious areas.  In fact, your subconscious mind only thinks in images and feelings.  For instance, when you dream, your subconscious attempts to communicate to you via images and feelings.  (Your conscious mind is not active, thus dreams do not typically involve words or logic.)  So thinking in detailed images will activate not only a greater part of your brain, but your subconscious mind as well, bringing your intention to reality, including the relationship of your dreams.

To put it another way, envisioning tunes your awareness and attention such that when an intention fulfilling opportunity arrives, you recognize and take it.  Or sometimes, as exemplified in the stories above, you take the opportunity first, and then recognize it. 

Envision Now!

Take many moments throughout the day to envision your intention as if it were a reality today.  Close your eyes and imagine every single detail of your intention as if you were looking at it with your eyes open.

Why this might not be working for you.

1.Not taking the time.

Envisioning should be first thing you do when you wake up, and the last thing you do before you fall asleep.  This is the minimum.

2.Fearing the vision.

If you envision your intention and it scares you, then you are not ready to receive it.  Add to your imagination a vision of yourself being cool, calm and courageous.

Your brain is smart!

Your brain is smart!  Get the entire three pounds of it involved in bringing your dream relationship to reality! Envision your intention.

Next blog: Feeling Your intention.

Thank you for reading.

Chris Enni – Partnership and Love.