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Frequently Asked

If I'm already in a relationship, can partnership help make it even better?

Yes, because Partnership includes the element of goals.  Goals can be anything from investing money to investing time spent together – from writing a book to writing daily messages to each other – from finding a common recreational activity to more frequent and fun sexual activity.  In our coaching, and starting with Pathway to Partnership I, we guide and support you through your goals.

If I'm not in a relationship, why should I learn about Partnership right now?

First, you are in a really good position to attract the right person for the type of relationship you want.  The more you learn and practice Partnership, the more likely your next relationship will be with someone who also practices Partnership.  Then both of you will have a great chance of relationship success!  That’s our goal for you at Partnership & Love.

Can I make my relationship a Partnership?

Everyone and every relationship is capable of Partnership.  As opposed to being in a relationship, two partners have to learn and implement the Partnership methods.  We founded Partnership & Love to provide coaching and courses for singles and couples to learn a better way of being together.  As Chris Enni says, “Harmonious relationships are possible through Partnership.”

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