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Hi, We are Chris and Sarah! Our journey through Partnership hasn’t always been an easy one; however, it has been worth it. Daily we find new ways to fall in love with each other again and again. Through Partnership, we constantly create a conflict free relationship, full of love, passion, sex and connection. 

Chris Enni

Chris Enni has taken the tragic lessons of the disintegration of a 3 decades relationship and 25 year marriage and built one of the most powerful methods of creating relationships.  So much so, with Sarah, they have designed an inspiring and fulfilling relationship, abundant in love, trust, respect, affection, admiration, let alone all of the romance, adventure, passion and fun.   

Chris – “I learned about a million wrong ways to be in a relationship.  As I began to wonder why nothing was working, I was stuck without answers to some essential questions.  ‘Why do we fight, or even have negative emotions?  What purpose are they serving?  How can I overcome these negative feelings?’  Eventually I realized that I had only a rudimentary experience of love.  So then I began to ask the big question, ‘What is love?  How do I create love?’  All the work, research, trials and errors, and practice I did around these questions inspired me to create Pathway to Partnership, so I could lead others, through coaching and by example, into the blissful waters of designing their relationships.”

Before Chris became a Partnership Coach, he was a musician in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Chris holds a B.A. in music from UCSD and has taught, written and recorded music for many years.  Now he holds a Certification in Partnership from the Center for Partnership Studies and has completed his Mastery and Certification in Empowering Woman from Pax Programs. 


“Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self.”

– Karen Salmansohn, best-selling author


“You are the hero of your journey.”

 – Chris Enni

Sarah Galarza

Sarah Galarza had two very long relationships in the 25 years prior to meeting Chris.  Her marriage ended after 15 years and shortly thereafter, she started another relationship.  These relationships felt different for a while; however, one day, she realized they were very similar. That’s when she realized she was a big part of the problem.  Sarah – “I never really knew or accepted myself, so how could I possibly be in a place to choose a good mate for me?”

She took a lot of time off between her last relationship and Chris.  It was time to discover what she liked and disliked, what she wanted to create in her relationship and the type of things that she did not have room for in her life.”

Sarah is known for saying, “Partnership is not easy.  It is a lot of time communicating at the beginning of the journey.  Then it’s like a switch gets flipped and EVERYTHING gets easier. Every single day I am thankful that we take the time to connect and get back to the principles of Partnership. My life is exceptional now and it is because Chris and I come from what we want and we work together to create the relationship we both want.”

Before Sarah became a Partnership Coach, she was a filmmaker and adjunct professor in Phoenix Arizona.    She is currently working on her Master Financial Coach Certification. 


"Sometimes to lose balance for love is part of a balanced life."

– Elizabeth Gilbert


"I teach women that admiring their man doesn't diminish them as women. If you honor your man and tell him all that you admire about him and all that he provides for you, he will paint you a masterpiece. Not because he has to. he does it because he wants to shine even brighter for you."

 – Sarah Galarza

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