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Tired of being on your own but dating and relationships aren’t working out?  Too much drama, expectations, demands, unreliability?  You feel that if you could find the right person, it could all work out?  So you’re willing to keep looking?


Feeling disconnected or even feel like you’re growing apart?  Having resentment, anger, experiencing fear?  Find yourself frustrated or even blowing up?  Not being heard, in a rut, or on your own?  Seems like no matter what you do, things are getting worse?

We get right to the heart of connection so you can begin again to feel close, intimate, secure. Our courses teach you everything that gets in the way of connection so you can avoid those pitfalls. Be the partners you were meant to be.

Imagine being in a relationship that has

  • Clear and honest conversations

  • A stronger connection

  • Healing and clearing

  • A direction that is moving toward goals and dreams

  • Understanding of each other’s natures

It’s all possible through PARTNERSHIP & LOVE’s Courses & Coaching

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    The Art of Entrusting

    What is the number one problem with relationships? The answer: expectations. When we expect certain behaviors from our partner, it is only a matter of time until they come up short and we feel let down, disappointed or hurt. So what to do?

    Turn that expectation into entrusting your partner with certain behaviors. But how do you turn an expectation into entrusting? Join me this Wednesday and find out!


    “We teach you to take the Partnership system into your relationship, making it conflict-free, so you can share and build the life you want together.  Because life is meant to be shared.”

    Chris Enni

    Co-Founder, Partnership and Love

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