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We teach singles and couples successful action steps to create the relationship of their dreams through self-love, healing, connection, and by living your true authentic life.  

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      Hi there, We’re

      Chris & Sarah


      Cherry Blossoms


      We know relationships are hard.  From dating to marriage and beyond, relationships challenge our thoughts, feelings and emotions. What you need to know is that you CAN create the relationship you’ve always dreamed of.  You CAN create a partnership that not only lasts, it also thrives! You CAN create a loving, committed, passionate connection with another person who wants the same.

      How do we know?  We have done it.  Our relationship is all that and more.  How did we do it?  We have spent years researching, interviewing, practicing partnership and the training has taught us how men and women approach relationships. We’ve done this so you don’t have to. We’ve boiled it all down for you – making it easy and fun to create the relationship of your dreams.   

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      90 Days of Love is now available on Amazon! Just 15 minutes a day will make an enormous difference, not only in your love life, but to everyone else around you. The world needs more love, including your love. Incorporating even a few of these exercises into your daily routine will take you on the course towards love mastery.


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