Personal Partnership



A personal Partnership will take your relationship to a higher level through the art of agreements.  Partnership & Love offers what your ROMANTIC relationship is forever meant to be…

  • Full of Agreement
  • Building Towards a Better Future
  • Conflict-free
  • Falling In-Love Everyday
  • How you both want it!

Let us teach you the art of agreements through coaching or our fun-filled weekend courses.

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Madam & Adam

Behind Masculine and Feminine Human Nature

  • Ever wonder why you and your partner can live together and be on totally different pages?
  • Have you ever been frustrated that no matter how much you say something, they just aren’t getting it?
  • Does it drive you crazy when they don’t seem to listen to you?
  • Does it drive you crazy when everything has to be a certain way?

The masculine and feminine are actually Mother Nature’s two human survival strategies that have worked for millions of years.  Unfortunately, she didn’t necessarily design them to get along.  Join us for this insightful peek into our masculine and feminine sides, as well as practical tips for them to get along and create deep, lasting connection.

“We teach you to take the Partnership system into your relationship, making it conflict-free, so you can share and build the life you want together.  Because life is meant to be shared.”

Chris Enni

Co-Founder, Partnership and Love


Our goal is for you to have the relationship you want.  Using Partnership, we coach you so that your goals becomes the guiding force behind your relationship.  Goals can be simple, such as, ‘to love and care for each other every day.’  Or the goal can be big such as building a home, business or family.  Or all!  

We coach:

  • Couples who want to replace conflict with agreement
  • Couples who have difficulty coming together on what to do
  • Singles who want a partner to share their life with

When you learn the Partnership way, everything gets easier.  Make an appointment today for a 25 minute complimentary coaching call.  We’d love to know how we can help you.


Our courses are built for you to get an extraordinary amount of value in putting your personal Partnership into practice in as little time as possible.  Click here to get a schedule of our upcoming courses.


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We want to welcome and reward you for visiting us.  Our mission is to help couples create thriving, loving, conflict-free relationships, and our courses are designed to do just that.

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